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Wrap-A-Post :: Company Profile

Wrap-A-Post LLC is a small, family-owned and operated business located on a

main street in rural Western North Carolina.

The owner, Doug Mackenzie, has volunteered

over 15 years towards his town’s revitalization

efforts.  Doug's main inspiration came from the

town’s desire to continue the new bridge lights

along Main Street.

Adding lamp posts to a sidewalk already

cluttered with utility poles was undesirable.

Burying the power lines would cost over

$1,000,000 and the Town of Marshall simply could not afford the proposal.

Doug's first idea was to faux paint the poles.  To speed the painting process, he

designed a template to wrap the pole.  This is when Doug first formed the patent

pending concept, Wrap-A-Post.

Wrap-A-Post LLC

(828) 649-9524



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