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Wrap-A-Post :: First Step

Utility poles are usually owned by your local

utility company.  The first step is to acquire their

permission to do your project.  It is always

better if you can get your utility company to be

an eager participant in your revitalization


Utilities usually provide power and maintenance

for a town’s standard street lighting at a set rate

per fixture.  We have found that some utilities

have no desire to get into decorative street


A utility company we have been dealing with is willing to allow the town to attach

decorative posts and lighting fixtures to its poles, but is requiring the town to be

responsible for their upkeep and power consumption.

If a town was to install regular lamp posts, the utility company would usually run

the power to a meter and then underground from post to post.  The same method

can be applied with the Wrap-a-Post product, or you could utilize solar power.


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